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New Zealand 23 Hockey Jersey Stitch Sewn New Any Player or Number


I HAVE ALL SIZES and can change Name and Number

(Width of your Chest)+(Width of your Back)+ 4 to 6 inches to account for space for a loose fit

Example: 18" wide chest plus 18" wide back plus 4" of space, would be a size 40"

Please consider ordering a larger size, if you plan to wear protective sports equipment under the jersey.

size chart chest:
XS 30"-32" Chest Measurement (76-81 cm)
S 34"-36" Chest Measurement (86-91 cm)
M 38"-40" Chest Measurement (97-102 cm)
L 42"-44" Chest Measurement (107-112 cm)
XL 46"-48" Chest Measurement (117-122 cm)
2XL 50"-52" Chest Measurement (122-127 cm)
3XL 54"-56" Chest Measurement (127-132 cm)
4XL 58"-60" Chest Measurement (147- 152 cm)
5XL 62"-64" Chest Measurement (157-162 cm)
6XL 66"-68" Chest Measurement (167-172 cm)

Check out our Hockey Jersey Sizing blog for more sizing info. 


Thanks! *** If you need a change, tell me in Paypal notes **

Thanks! *** If you need a change, tell me in Paypal notes ***

Thanks! *** If you need a change, tell me in Paypal notes ***


Check out our blog on Sports Jersey Care.


The jersey is very high quality, with all letters and numbers sewn on, not printed.
Please make sure to compare the jersey's measurements with your own measurements,
before purchasing this item.

This item ships anywhere in the world and online tracking information will be provided.
Please make note that estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 weeks,
so please do not expect the item to arrive sooner.

By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to the shipping terms as
stated in this posting. Please remember to leave us FIVE STAR DSR scores, as
long as your item arrives in the shipping time frame that is stated.
The shipping time is as fast as it can make it with shipping from an
international location. Thank you for your cooperation!
If you have issues with the jersey we will let you return it to our
USA address for a full refund, so please contact us with any issues.
Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.
Thank you, item is new mint stitch sewn, not printed.
Shipping is worldwide with online tracking from international warehouse,
and lands 3-5 weeks.

Paypal only, thanks!

THANK YOU for your purchase!
Just to let you know that your purchase helps the local
job market here as it helps create job for many families.
We are in a 3rd world country and food and job hard to come by- thank you

I will do my best to take care of you.
Please remember to post positive feedback and 5 star rating to help us
continue to sell and create more jobs to feed families.
-god bless

Time frame again
"Estimated delivery time varies for this shipping service.
Seller ships within 20 days " and " lands 3-5 weeks"
All shipping has online tracking

I do check email at least once a day, to provide great customer service. Please
don't complain about quality. Please don't have $300 Mitchell & Ness Expectations.